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Onsite & Offsite Screening & Testing to any location in the US



TVM.Bio® has our start in the entertainment industry but that quickly changed in March of 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic. Many companies came to us asking to use our Smart Badge™ technology to solve their problem of quickly identifying the COVID status of their employees before entering their facilities. Not only did we solve that problem but we took it one step further by securing FDA approved COVID-19 PCR and Antibody tests by only the best and most trusted manufactures. Allow us to bring to you.......... Safety, Security, and Standardization

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Even though we have a list of services you can choose from, we can customize our services for your needs. So if you do not see a service you require, please send us an email.

COVID-19 Consulting

Allow us to gather and compile all the necessary data needed for your company to combat this COVID-19 pandemic. Making informative decisions can be difficult in this climate with local, state, and government regulations constantly changing. We make sure to provide the proper guidance provided by CDC, OSHA, HIPAA, and ADA. Let TVM.Bio® help limit your legal liability with our knowledge and technology.

COVID-19 Tests

Purchasing COVID-19 tests can be difficult and confusing. From understanding the difference between molecular and serological to distinguishing the difference between Positive Percent Agreement percentages can be perplexing. Let TVM.Bio® handle the headache of securing COVID-19 tests for your company while simultaneously obtaining the lowest price on the market.

Screening and Testing

No matter the size of your company, TVM.Bio® can conduct onsite or offsite COVID-19 testing of all employees. Let us worry about scheduling, administering, and monitoring the results in a customized employer dashboard for upper management and Human Resource department. Unlike other companies that only perform test once and then they are gone, TVM.Bio® will establish an ongoing schedule for testing so shortages of COVID-19 tests or price spikes don’t effect your company.

Smart COVID-19 Employee Badge™

Knowing if any of your employees have COVID or have been tested can be a daunting task. TVM.Bio’s patent pending Smart COVID-19 Employee Badge™ is a simple solution to a complex problem. With built in NFC (Near Field Communication) and/or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) the Smart Badge™ offers workplace safety and security. Management can use any portable NFC device (mobile phone, tablets, etc.) to simply check the COVID-19 infectious status of an employee.

TVM.Bio® Online Portal

Let TVM.Bio® quickly and easily organize the COVID-19 testing of your company. Simply send us an excel spreadsheet or CSV file of who needs to be tested and we’ll do the rest. From scheduling the employees to performing the tests, our online portal will streamline the process. Fully HIPAA compliant, our technology will assist in making sure the right forms get to local, state, and government agencies.

Drug Tests

Onsite collections can save you TIME and MONEY. TVM.Bio® believes in building relationships with our clients, not simply conducting “transactions”. When factoring in your employee wages for travel and wait times, your drug test per person could be costing you more than you think. Onsite collections can help maintain the integrity of the drug testing process.  When sending an employee offsite for a drug test, there is ample opportunity to try and cheat the test.  Onsite drug testing services can help enforce your drug and alcohol-free policy and support a safe working environment.


TVM.Bio® can offer you the lowest pricing available for COVID-19 tests because of our unique testing model and long term relationships with manufactures and distributors. Our pricing for test are determined by a number of variables. Lower pricing can be obtained by longer contract times, larger amount of tests ordered, and longer notice periods before initial testing dates. All prices are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed, except pricing for orders that have been accepted.


Sofia SARS Antigen FIA

Rapid point-of-care test
Time to Results: 15 minutes
Specimen: Direct or VTM: Nasal swab, nasopharyngeal swab
Controls: Positive and negative
PPA: 93.8%
NPA: 100%

Antibody IgG/IgM Rapid Test

Rapid point-of-care test
Time to Results: 10 minutes
Specimen: Whole Blood/Serum/Plasma
Detection of Antibodies: IgG and IgM
PPA: 96.7%
NPA: 98.0%

RT-PCR Nasal Swab or Saliva

SARS-CoV-2 Molecular LAB BASED
Time to Results T/A: 48 Hours to 72 hours
Specimen: Nasal swab or Saliva
Real-time reverse Transcription-Polymerase Chain Reaction
Insurance CPT Code(s): 87635 (HCPCS:U0003)

100% Compliant by: CDC, HIPAA, HITECH, EEOC, OSHA, & Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

All our products and services have been rigorously tested and approved by all government agencies. Everyone wants to show their clients, customers, fans, and friends that they have been COVID-19 tested and are safe to be around. Our Smart COVID-19 Card™ does exactly that! So feel free to contact us if you are a teacher, realtor, babysitter, chef, general contractor, sales person, hair dresser, barber, makeup artists, etc.


At TVM.Bio® we believe that knowledge is power. There is a lot of information out there during this pandemic and some of it can be misleading or just wrong. We will try our best to keep you informed with articles that we think will help you through these trying times.


Onsite & Offsite Screening & Testing to any location in the US



(844)488-6246 or call



Mon-Sat 8 am-6 pm EST Sunday:Closed

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