COVID-19 Safety Survey

At TVM.Bio®, we know it can be difficult to discuss the COVID-19 situation with an employer or local business. That is why we are providing a 100% anonymous COVID-19 Safety Survey #COVID19SafetySurvey. We are doing our part to help CEO’s, Board of Directors, upper level management, Human Resource departments, and small business owners make their businesses COVID-19 safe, now we need you help!

Whether you are an employee of the business or a customer, please take our survey and we promise we will attempt to get top level management to pay attention and hopefully make the changes that can save lives.

If you believe in our mission to stop COVID-19 through awareness & knowledge, please donate to us by clicking here:

To businesses that appear on this list:

Most businesses are never even notified of unsubstantiated complaints filed against them with the state until an inspector shows up at their business door, by then it might be too late. We hope to give every business owner a chance to be warned of the complaint(s) and a chance to fix them.

We know it can be time consuming and difficult to monitor social media for unsubstantiated complaints. We are doing it for you. Please think of us as a tool to help you get through this COVID-19 pandemic. We want whats best for everyone; your business, employees, customers, and the community. Thank you.

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