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Let TVM.Bio® Create a DRUG-FREE Workplace Policy for Your Business!

Drug-Free Workplace Policy

Every day Florida employers choose to establish certified drug-free workplace policies, to save money and be protected from workplace accidents that are caused by employees working under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  The benefits of becoming a carrier certified drug free workplace include: (1) employees are aware of the importance of safety in the workplace; (2) intoxicated workers that get hurt at work may forfeit eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits; (3) employees terminated for a positive drug/alcohol test may be disqualified for reemployment benefits; and (4) your company is eligible for a five (5) percent credit (annually) to your workers’ compensation premium!

Ten (10) steps to become a certified Florida drug-free workplace

  1. Create a written drug-free workplace policy that follows the requirements of the Florida Statute, TVM.Bio® can assist you.
  2. Distribute an introductory letter to all current employees to announce the new policy and to provide the mandated 60-day notice for any drug testing requirements to apply to existing employees: (fitness for duty, reasonable suspicion are required – random is optional.)
  3. Select a qualified drug testing facility like TVM.Bio® and Medical Review Officer. The collection and testing must be done by a Florida approved testing facility like TVM.Bio®.
  4. Assemble a drug-free workplace binder that will be available to applicants and employees. It contains required community treatment resources and substance abuse information.  Create a list of employee assistance programs in the local area, with addresses and telephone numbers.
  5. Obtain a signed acknowledgment of the new drug-free workplace policy from existing employees and future applicants.
  6. Post a workplace Drug-Free Workplace poster for employees and applicants, and begin to include “drug-free workplace” or “DFWP” in all future job ads and postings. Also, add “drug-free workplace employer” to the Company’s Employment Application.
  7. Apply for the Insurance Premium discount using the Application for Drug-Free Workplace Premium Credit Program form which TVM.Bio® will provide to you.
  8. Perform (and document) training for supervisors on how to recognize employees that may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Create a reasonable suspicion form that can be used if needed.
  9. Establish new hire procedures that include pre-employment drug testing, the signing of an acknowledgment of the drug-free workplace policy and consent to be tested. If an applicant tests positive for illegal drugs, prepare a letter to revoke a job offer or terminate employment based on the positive drug test.
  10. Keep all drug testing results and related documents confidential. We recommend keeping all drug test documentation in an employee’s medical file (separate from the normal personnel file).

Start today!  Get your company certified by its workers’ compensation carrier so you can start receiving your 5% premium credit and supporting safety.  TVM.Bio® has a turn-key process and all the documents & forms you need to get certified.  It does not matter who your workers’ compensation carrier is, we will assist you to get certified.

* TVM.Bio® is not offering any legal advice. The information provided on this website does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information, content, and materials available on this site are for general informational purposes only.

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Mobile Drug Testing

Mobile drug testing by TVM.Bio

TVM.Bio® provides mobile/on-site drug and alcohol testing services for companies needing employee drug tests performed on-site. This helps eliminate the need for employees to leave the work-site and go to a testing center which may result in longer than normal ‘down time’.

With our in-house Mobile/On-Site collectors and strong partnerships with national mobile/on-site collection providers, we believe Mobile/On-Site drug and alcohol testing are typically most cost-effective for:

All of our collectors are certified for urine, hair, saliva and breath (alcohol) drug testing collections. Mobile/On-Site drug testing can also include rapid drug screens, where the results are available on-site. However, if a rapid screen has a non-negative result the specimen will be sent to a SAMHSA certified laboratory for confirmation testing.

When providing Mobile/On-Site drug testing for DOT employees, our certified collectors follow the DOT regulations and will provide all required documentation (Federal COC forms).

The fees for Mobile/On-Site drug testing can vary depending on the number of employees being tested, on-site location address and the time in which the on-site testing is needed.

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