Monitoring Service for COVID-19 Complaints

COVID19 Complaints Monitoring Service
COVID19 Complaints Monitoring Service

What is a Monitoring Service for COVID-19 Complaints

Knowing if your business has had a COVID-19 complaint filed against it can be very difficult and time consuming. Most states do not alert you of any complaints until they show up at your door. If you receive too many complaints there is a strong possibility that you might be in jeopardy of losing your business. Let’s not forget about social media. Disgruntle ex-employees, upset customers, or ruthless competition can hurt your business with unsubstantiated COVID-19 complaints. Just the perception alone from patrons or employees is enough to cause you financial hardships. Allow us to help you.

How Does COVID-19 Complaints Monitoring Service Work

At TVM.Bio®, we would like to simplify the process for you. Allow us to monitor social media and government agencies to see if any unsubstantiated COVID-19 complaints are being filed against you. We will dedicate one of our COVID-19 Consultants to handle searching and reviewing your business complaints. If or when we find an unsubstantiated COVID-19 complaint filed against your business, we will contact you to discuss the possible solutions.

Why Use or COVID-19 Complaint Monitoring Service

TVM.Bio® is here to help you. Don’t allow complaints to pile up so you will get shut down! Let us guide you with our COVID-19 knowledge, expertise, and services. Each business is unique and needs a solution personally designed to help it. The cost to utilize our services will pale in comparison to legal cost or even worst starting over again in business. So be proactive and contact us today to protect your life long dream of owning a business!

Pricing for Monitoring Service

We currently have 3 options available:

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