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COVID-19 made our lives tough. Even today, after 12 months of non-stop carnage, the virus hasn’t stopped spreading and killing more people. It’s in times like these that we have to become extra conscious and give our health utmost priority. 

Believe it or not, technology has a huge role to play in making our lives better during this pandemic. More importantly, it is crucial for you to take control of what technology has to offer.

That’s exactly where the recent COVID-fighting technological developments by TVM.Bio® comes into play. In this post, we are going to talk about how TVM.Bio® has been making the lives of ordinary citizens easier through its latest screening and testing web portal. Let’s get started!

The COVID-19 Problem in Hand

COVID pandemic has made people think about the coronavirus all the time. They are afraid of contracting the virus and it’s this fear that is making them take tests every now and then. Moreover, employees at different organizations are being forced to take the tests as often as they can.

Everyone needs to be tested and know their infectious level. And by everyone, we mean employers, employees, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, gyms, hair salons, barbers, grocery stores, festivals, concerts, sporting events, schools, churches, hospitals, doctors’ offices, airports, cruise ships, manufacturers, factories, etc.

However, the problem lies in how the test results are shared. We all know that the coronavirus spreads when you are in close contact with a COVID-19 patient. More importantly, the virus spreads through touch. It is, therefore, crucial for you to use a smarter way to share with anyone that demands your recent COVID-19 test results.

Other problems associated with COVID-19 are the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the inaccuracies and unreliability of COVID-19 tests, medicines that are still in their early stages of clinical trials, and the questionable protection rates of the vaccines that still haven’t been developed.

Best COVID Solution by TVM.Bio®

TVM.Bio® makes sharing COVID results easier and simpler. Following a no-contact policy, they have introduced an effective solution that allows people to share their test results without coming in contact with any other person.

Although we will be discussing the solution in great detail, let’s mention all the moving parts of the TVM.Bio® test result sharing solution. Here’s everything that you’d need to know.

  • TVM.Bio® Backend HIPAA Web Portal
  • TVM.Bio® COVID ID Badge
  • First Personal Infectious Level Chart for COVID
  • Screening and Testing Web Portal

The entire COVID-19 testing and screening system is so well-designed, it does make it super-simple for anyone to share their test results without getting in contact with another person. Let’s learn more about how the entire system comes into play.

What’s Special About TVM.Bio® Screening and Testing Portal?

There is a dire need for standardization when it comes to making decisions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. For businesses around the world that want to ensure that their employees and the working environment are well-protected from the coronavirus pandemic, it is crucial they understand what TVM.Bio® has to offer.

It has single-handedly got rid of all the headaches and frustration of getting employees tested and the test results organized. The solutions put in force are 100 percent compliant with the CDC, HIPAA, HITECH, EEOC, OSHA, and Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

The entire process of testing and screening has been designed in a way that you know in seconds your employee’s COVID-19 status. You will get to know if the employee is going to be tested, has been tested, is positive, is negative, or needs to be tested again.

TVM.Bio® is known for having the fastest COVID-19 tests turnaround times. There are tests that often take one, two, or even three weeks to give results! These tests are impractical and disturb not only the regular life of an employee but also put the safety of the organization in jeopardy.

It is therefore important to maintain a perfect balance of cost vs speed in your organization. TVM.Bio® claims to have provided the test results within hours. They rely on ongoing tests and believe it is the smartest and safest way to fight the pandemic, at least till the vaccines are out.

How Does it Work?

To understand how the TVM.Bio® testing and screening system works, we will have to divide the procedure into three sections. It is important for you to know what makes this system flawless and foolproof. Therefore, we will share in detail how each part of the process functions. Let’s get started!

  1. TVM.Bio® Standardized Personal Infectious Chart

When the test results are stored, they are matched against a standardized personal infectious chart. This chart gives you clarity over where exactly you are with your coronavirus infection (if you contract the virus).

The chart is easy to read and will help employees understand what their current COVID-19 infectious level is. Let’s understand what the chart has to tell. So, the amount of tests taken is crucial to TVM.Bio®. They mention that the higher the number of tests taken, the higher is the accuracy and reliability of results. Then when it comes to the time taken between each test, they ensure that the time is less so that results are more precise and reliable. TVM.Bio® also considers the underlying medical conditions when preparing a chart. Medical conditions like a heart condition, chronic lung disease, immunocompromised, diabetes, etc. The reports also consider your location. It will give you information if you recently visited an outbreak.

  1. Double Opted in Portal and HIPAA Compliant

The backend HIPAA web portal, designed by TVM.Bio®, is in force and is working perfectly to share COVID-19 test results of testees with businesses that have subscribed to TVM.Bio® ‘s services. They will perform onsite and offsite testing of your employees and ensure proper scheduling, result sharing, proper documentation to all governing authorities. The organizations subscribed to TVM.Bio® will also have access to the web portal from where they can retrieve the medical records of their employees. The testee, as well, has the power to decide who it wants to share the results with. Complete control over the test results is provided.

  1. COVID-19 Smart COVID Card™ with Built-in NFC

Lastly, TVM.Bio® has designed a Smart COVID ID Badge or a Smart COVID Card™ that can be displayed around the neck of your employees or can be carried in a wallet or purse. The badge and the data inside cannot be duplicated since it has an in-built NFC feature. The TVM.Bio® web portal will only be accessible by the person having a Smart COVID Card™ since a temporary passcode is delivered to the registered device for access. The client has complete control over who will access the results and when. Most importantly, the client’s picture is clearly printed on the exterior of the Smart COVID Card for easy verifications. The entire system, therefore, can only be accessed through two-factor authentication. This has significantly improved the security of the testing and screening web portal. 

Are These Better Than Other Solutions in the Market?

There are indeed many other technological solutions present in the market. Mass testing solutions like BinaxNOW and applications like NAVICA do get the job done. But, there is absolutely no attention given to how result sharing will be contactless.

Let’s take the NAVICA application for example. To share the results through the NAVICA application, you will have to hand over your phone to the person demanding your test results. This might result in the spread of the coronavirus through the phone.

If not that, you can share the screenshot of your test results and share it with another person. But, this leaves room for photoshop or manipulating the test results by anyone. The COVID ID Employee Badge coupled with the two-factor authentication, however, leaves nothing to chance and ensures that proper communication is established without getting two people in physical contact.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, it is important that testees having negative COVID-19 test results be allowed to live life normally. This reward is a crucial part of the process of gradually defeating the COVID-19 pandemic through more and more testing, standardization, and communication. 

There you have it. Now that you have complete information about how you can use technology to fight COVID-19, the pandemic wouldn’t stop you from living your life the way you always did. 

TVM.Bio® is the one-stop-shop for everything that an individual or an organization needs to ensure a COVID-free environment. We highly recommend learning more about the complete testing and screening portal by TVM.Bio® by connecting with their officials. If you are a manufacture of a COVID PCR Test, RT-PCR Test, Antigen Test, or Antibody Test then please contact TVM.Bio® to find out how you can interface your test results with their Smart COVID ID Card™ and backend portal.

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