TVMBio COVID Testing Uninsured Shelters Food Banks Churches #TestingSavesLives

Tampa’s 1st COVID-19 Test-A-Thon #TestingSavesLives

Many of us have had to endure hardships during this last year caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though it has been difficult to get through, there still might be more to come with the Delta Variant. Help your community and those that are less fortunate by pledging. Your pledge will help those who are uninsured and want to get COVID-19 tested at locations throughout Tampa Bay specifically shelters, food banks, & churches. You can save lives while making your community safer.

As a Certified CLIA Laboratory that performs on-site COVID-19 testing, TVM.Bio® has had the experience of meeting many families of communities effected by COVID-19 over the last year. Having seen the devastating effects of the pandemic, TVM.Bio® is determined to help save lives. Many of our own staff have lost love ones and friends simply because they were confused or scared about getting tested. New Beginnings of Tampa Inc heard our concerns and decided to partner with TVM.Bio® to save lives. We learned an important lesson from our experiences this last year that we want to share with the world….

“It’s better to reward those that get COVID tested, than to punish those that do!” – Roger Singh CEO of TVM.Bio®


Would you like to make a general donation, become a corporate sponsor, or learn more?

Uninsured COVID testing in Tampa

Uninsured COVID Testing in Tampa on Tuesdays

Join on Tuesdays at New Beginnings of Tampa (1402 E Chilkoot Ave Tampa, FL 33612) between 6pm and 9pm for uninsured COVID testing at no cost to you. A FREE meal will be served with every COVID test performed. People without housing are welcome.

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